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want to separate but don't know how to go about it

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thefrozensouth Fri 21-Jun-13 22:13:26

OP are you in the UK?

Go and see a solicitor. You can still get support.

mrsjuneyjuney Fri 21-Jun-13 18:19:24

Sorry if my post is long and rambling.

My husband was verbally and emotionally abusive when our baby was born. He threatened me once when inwas pregnant but nothing happened. This went on a couple of months but has now stopped and nothing like that s happened for about 8 months.

At the time I thought if it stopped everything would be ok. But it's not. He has improved a lot but I can't forgive him. He has his own version of events which aren't true and thinks it's my fault and my problem and I need to get over it. He's not sorry at all. I had asked him a couple of times if
he'd go to counselling or mediation but he wont

I just want to separate but knowing what he is like I'm worried about how he'll react. I don't think he'd let me take our child and am worried if I don't take her he won't let me see her. He's vindictive and I think he'll lie and say I'm a bad mother and I'm worried he'll get custody. I want to do everything fairly but he won't. He is a good father and I would like to share custody. Can i just runaway? I am kicking myself because I feel like if I separate when he was being abusive I would've had lots of support but I didn't.

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