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better for residency - work or SAHM?

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pinklady1107 Thu 20-Jun-13 20:05:18

I work, and I have a residence order that's been in place for two years.

Work was never even mentioned in my residency hearing

Good luck x

somanymiles Thu 06-Jun-13 03:20:02

Thanks noregrets. Currently I am on maternity leave but we are just about to move back to London and the plan was for that to coincide with me going back to work. We actually split a long time ago, but what has been an amicable mediated agreement is turning sour and I want to be sure to be in the strongest position possible if we do go to court.

Noregrets78 Wed 05-Jun-13 07:49:27

I'm no expert but interested in the replies you get. Might also be worth trying the legal board as there are some family solicitors who post on there.

If you're remarried is it a while since you split with ex? What routine are you in at the moment? The main factor seems to be maintaining the status quo. Certainly I"m arguing that just because I work doesn't mean I'm not primary carer ... I'm there at night, take her to hospital, hair cuts dentist parents evening etc etc

Good luck - oh and also your kids are at an age where their wishes Will be taken into account - what would they like to happen? Good luck x

somanymiles Wed 05-Jun-13 03:45:05

Is it better for me to work full-time or be a SAHM (or work pt) but rely on my DH's income in terms of court case for residency of children from previous marriage? What do the courts look upon more favourably - financial stability or being about when the kids get home from school? (They are 11 and 14.) Ex P does not have a stable job or income but is aroud for the kids.

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