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Sister leaving again

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Mother2many Fri 21-Jun-13 14:57:29

Well, as suspected she did go back...took losing some money on a rental deposit...

angry Not surprised.

FramboiseCoulis Sat 15-Jun-13 16:07:30

Why not ask her to set some goals for herself (and you?), one step at a time? Small things that are realistic and acheivable that will give her a bit of empowerment.

Sounds like she lacks confidence in herself or is afraid of being alone?

My sister did for me (and still is!) and little by little, I saw the light.

It's tough, but hang in there but do lay some ground rules.

MatureUniStudent Fri 14-Jun-13 07:59:21

Never been in your situation but I think I would ask myself this,

Is supporting your sister affecting your health and well being or your families? if no, then continue to support her as she is your blood, your sister.

If yes, well you and your family comes first.

But I see no reason why you shouldn't explain to your sister that you cannot continue to support her if you are being affected by it, that you may need a break from the drama. On the other hand, I would be devastated if my mother suddenly withdrew the listening ear, the being on my side, the support she gives me so I can feel for how your sister might feel if she doesn't have your support. So I guess I am saying "gird your loins" and take on round 2 with your sister! Good luck

Mother2many Tue 04-Jun-13 19:52:11

I am the least supportive person right now. I told her that. She has left/gone back soo many times, I am sick of it. Yes, he is verbally, emotionally, mentally abusive.

Last time she lived in my camper for a while, then went back... Months later, moved and even took her son to a new school, moved, and went back...

It's that time again... She looking to buy a house. How? Don't know..she has no money, and is just expecting XP to put down payment for her.

Bottom line is I am not there for her. I don't believe in her. I don't think she will follow through with it...even if she does...a few weeks/months from now, they will be back together.

I'm inconsiderate to my own sister, because I know she needs encouragement.

What would you do? What have you done to support someone whom you failed to believe in? sad

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