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X is just another jerk

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Mother2many Thu 23-May-13 14:47:45

When we split 7 yrs ago, DD was 6 wks old. He would not give me the little wooden crib back that I loved. (sold home under me, tossed/gave away stuff, etc) Since then I have seen this crib in my DD's room, and it's filled with teddy bears. No big deal. Then he informs her, he is going to chop it up and turn it into fire wood! I know dang well, it's to stab me, with his ignorance...

For the past 2 years, I have bought, gave and handed him extra clothes, toys, etc. for the kids. I sent a beautiful wooden doll bunkbed, and playpen, clothes for the dolls, etc. Daughter informs me she doesn't really play with them. Okay, fine... but then says, dad's going to sell them.

I texted him and said, I want them back, since DD doesn't play with them.

So hard being nice...even if it's for the kids... Esp. to my X who really doesn't care!

I don't think he ever will realize when we get along both of us benefit, including the kids!!!

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