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How much does a divorce cost?

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browniebear Thu 25-Apr-13 16:50:14

Ex moved out in August 2011 so I've been thinking that August this year we will have been separated 2 years and I will file for divorce.
I'm working part time and live alone with 2 Dc's, claim housing benefit and Child tax credit so will I be entitled to legal aid?

Things are pretty amicable at the moment and contact is regular at the weekends. The holidays are a bit of an issue as I'd like him to have DC's more but he's unwilling to
have them any more than the weekend.

He pays maintenance through CSA.
How long can I expect it to take before I'm legally divorced?

I've no idea about how it all works or how much it will cost me so any advice is appreciated


twinsufficient Thu 25-Apr-13 16:52:07

Might be wrong but I thought legal aid had been removed now except for where domestic violence is involved

browniebear Thu 25-Apr-13 17:03:05

Really? Ill have to look into it. Any idea how much it would cost in that case? I'm guessing hundreds of pounds that I don't have

FreakoidOrganisoid Thu 25-Apr-13 17:42:50

I filed Jan 2012. Did it myself by downloading the forms. Didnt have to pay but it would have been £260.

Am just waiting for my decree absolute (xh messed around not signing for months). That has cost £45.

Providing all the forms are filled in correctly and nobody disputes anything it can take just a few months.

Lonecatwithkitten Thu 25-Apr-13 17:59:23

Make sure that you sort out a financial consent order there was a lady on here the other day whose DH is being chased by his ExW creditors as they had not got a financial consent order separating their financial affairs.

Collaborate Thu 25-Apr-13 18:29:32

Different firms charge different fixed fees. My firm's start at £399+vat (this is NOT an advert -just an example). Don't think you'll get a personal, professional service for less.

browniebear Thu 25-Apr-13 19:55:17

Thanks everyone. We don't own anything or have pensions or savings so hopefully it won't be too complicated.

We are both in debt though and he is choosing the 'ignore it and it will go away' option I'm afraid.

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