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Are divorce petitions a public record?

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Cabrinha Sun 14-Apr-13 07:52:28

Google not helping...
I am considering divorcing on grounds of adultery. However, if the petition is a matter of public record and our daughter may one day see it, I might prefer unreasonable behaviour.
Does anyone know?

Thank you!

Collaborate Sun 14-Apr-13 09:07:14

It isn't. Only the decree nisi is a public record, and that states the fact relied on, not the specifics.

Xenia Sun 14-Apr-13 17:03:17

Also most people who divorce for adultery do not name the person. Tends just to be vindictive spouses who do so.

Also why in effect lie to your daughter - her father is a lying cheat - why should she not ultimately know that?

Cabrinha Sun 14-Apr-13 17:43:13

Thank you both.

Xenia, adultery was with a prostitute.
If it was a "regular" other woman, I'd tell her one day, if she asked. Whilst not condoning affairs, shit happens. I think as a teen / young adult she could process that and separate it from her relationship with her father.
I'm usually a big fan of honesty, but you know - I don't think a daughter needs to know that about her father. And if she does, I wanted to be sure it came from me, and not because in a bored moment she looks up some census style website of divorce details, conceived in the future!

Actually I don't have sufficient proof in a legal sense, so it'll be Unreasonable Behaviour. Still, as long as I get shot of him quickly, that'll do!

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