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Violent and DANGEROUS xpartner applied for access.

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shockedmum2 Fri 12-Apr-13 10:53:51

Hello My violent ex partner applied for access to our child and i dont know what to do.

I have been on the run from this man 3 years, i have moved house 7 times due to the dv and harrastment.

I also was unable to apply for non mol due to finding out that my ex partner used an alias during relationship hense now our child is not registered under his name but under a alias.

He is like a proper con artist.

The name he took me to court with i didnt even know prior i knew him as someone else.

And the police have said he has like 80 different aliases and my child will have live with a fake name.

But my main concern is that he is mentally abusive to my child he brings her down to somewhat control her instead of lifting her up also he due to cultural reason he want to have my daughter circumsized which is female genital mutulation and has arranged a marriage for her to one of his relatives. he has also tried kidnapping her and sends people to continuously harrass me so i had to change our childs school and the ppl he send were given harrastment warnings.

He has somehow confinced the courts i was an unfit parent and due to me being absent from court due not being aware of it as the court papers were served on the wrong adress he got it.

And i had letters from ss and the child school saying he is the danger and i am a fit parent so now the I am waiting for the report to be completed and it will include a fact finding mission like police records school records family etc etc.

I am so shocked and confused because i presumed with the proven history this would be a clear no contact case yet the ss worker writing the section 37 and fact finding says courts frown upon that and it is the childs best interest to see the child.


Bossybritches22 Sat 13-Apr-13 13:39:17

Wow this must be so difficult for you.

Yes the SS are right in that it is every childs right to have a relationship with their father but not at any cost.

I have no legal knowledge but many other posters do so hang in someone will be along.

From the vast pool of knowledge I have tapped into here on MN it seems that if you go part way to agreeing contact it looks better for you-seeeming to be reasonable etc.

With the historty you outline I think you would be totally right to insist on a contact centre so that your daughter is safely supervised. My guess is that as it appears your ex is doing this to get at you rather than build a relationship with his daughter, he will not agree.

Do you have legal advice currently? Have you tried Womens Aid?

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