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Help me prepare for divorce :(

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MrsWhirling Wed 03-Apr-13 09:06:59

It's inevitable it will happen. He is suddenly being 'advised' by someone, probably his dad and is looking for various documents.

This is a man who has hardly worked, doesn't even know what are bills amount to let alone contributed to. I have paid for and taken care of everything including our two small children in the 7 years we have been married.

Ideally I would want him to leave and for me to buy his share out of our property. I have savings & pension he has nothing.

What are the things I should be doing to help my case? Thank you xx

Xenia Sat 06-Apr-13 08:58:22

Yes, pre nups can have some indicative force but they are not always legally binding. The safest thing for those of us who have a lot more than a partner is not to marry them, just live with them.

And in almost all marriages the only assets is really the house and so the housing of the children is the thing - thus in many divorces parent with the child gets the house as they cannot afford two houses or even flats after divorce and when the youngest child is 18 (or on remarriage) the house is sold and proceeds then split. That is a much more typical divorce, hardly enough assets to go round etc. juneau it may depend which country you in so if not England then your pre nup may well be enforceable.

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