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What happens now no legal aid

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picturebox Sat 23-Mar-13 08:33:10

On behalf of a friend.

H walked out for OW before Christmas.

3 kids

Own House

She works minimum wage full time

He earns 60.000 plus a year

She saw a solicitor, who has now gone bust, new solicitor says too late to re apply with them for legal aid.

He wants to sell house, she wants to stay.

He hasnt paid anything for kids since leaving.

Calling all the shots, as knows she cant afford legal help.

Surely there must be something she can do ?

picturebox Sat 23-Mar-13 08:48:28


TickleMyTitsTillFriday Sat 23-Mar-13 08:51:51

Good fucking question! Bumping

picturebox Sat 23-Mar-13 12:13:48


almostanotherday Sat 23-Mar-13 12:15:11

Try and get a half hour free appointment and ask about billing ex for solicitors fees?

picturebox Sat 23-Mar-13 12:16:30

She has done that, has been quoted up to ten grand, she just dosnt have the money.

TooYappy Sat 23-Mar-13 12:18:09

Someone one here recently posted about how easy their divorce was.

I'm sure they did it themselves and the total cost was in the region of £300/£400.

I applied for Legal Aid and at the time was receiving Incapacity Benefit and was advised it would be £890.

If everything is straight forward you can do your own, my circumstances make mine difficult as I have no address and my ex will make it difficult for me to find him, then getting him to sign the papers etc.

picturebox Sat 23-Mar-13 12:27:37

The divorce will not be amicable unfortunately, he is trying to do her out of everything and tells her he can just do it and she cant stop him, and she has no idea whether he can or not.

He is trying to sell the martial home out from under her.

TickleMyTitsTillFriday Sat 23-Mar-13 19:09:12

Bumping for you

thejanuarys Mon 25-Mar-13 13:34:32

Is this advice serious? Who are the above people?

Anyway, contact Women's Aid. They will talk you through options, but can't give legal advice. Go on the Rights of Women website. Contact the Child Support Agency re maintenance. The website is useful. Contact Social Services because if he is trying to make you homeless they can intervene to help you out - even if it's just breathing space time to think.

iheartdusty Mon 25-Mar-13 13:56:46

it's not the divorce that's the tricky bit - like TooYappy said, that can be achieved for under £500. It's the financial order following divorce that's the problem - used to be called 'ancillary relief'.

your friend should be applying for 'maintenance pending suit', ie interim payments for herself and the children, and these can include a monthly sum towards her legal costs.

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