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What can I get after divorce?

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Yinlondon Sat 02-Mar-13 09:32:27

Thanks COLLABORATE, but what if he hides his income since more than 80% of his income comes in the form of dividend and expenses claim through his own company?

Collaborate Sat 02-Mar-13 07:53:59

CSA would make him pay 15% of income for 1 child (less an allowance for shared care) so you're going to get more than a couple if hundred. There may also be a claim for maintenance for you in top of that.

Capital can be distributed according to need. Looks like you have the greater need for housing if you're looking after dd.

You'll need to speak to another solicitor. Legal aid is available until 1 April, and you're too late by now to get it for taking the money issues to court (must try mediation first). Your solicitor will be able to advise you about how financial support for funding your case via your gel husband can work.

Yinlondon Fri 01-Mar-13 17:32:38

H has been a big bully all the way through our 4.5 years marriage and this is also a sexless marriage. Dd was conceived before getting married and that was it.

I have been considering a divorce for a long time but couldn't find the strength to do it simply for financial matters. Our financial facts through marriage are not very straight forward since we have no joint account. Shared assets is the house we bought in 2009 which I contributed 40% of the deposit but house is under his name as he pays the mortgage.

H: never shares income, I've no idea how much he earns but my guess is at least 5k each month after tax. He should have stopped pension payment 3 years ago when we bought the house. He is self employed and have been using me for tax evasion etc.

Me: umployed, completed a master's degree when dd was 1 yr old but couldn't find a job afterwards. I have no family in this country so I can only depend on him. The tuition fee was paid from my own saving so I don't have much money left in my account right now.

I have spoken to a lawyer but he couldn't give a clear idea of the financial decisions. I've read about other people's life stories and was scared to see that the maintenance after divorce is only a couple of hundred pounds per month which will even not be enough to rent a single room in London.

Can anyone give me a clearer idea of this please? Help!

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