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Financial side of divorce

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xxdriftwoodxx Thu 28-Feb-13 15:06:53

I did see a solicitor a while back but since hear other people's experiences and I realise solicitors are people like us and different solicitors each work differently when fighting for their clients obviously following family law in consideration.
My dilemma is with the 50/50 dividing of assets and my low income I wouldn't be able to find somewhere to live, rented or to buy.
My main interest is , my H has a pension , I don't , I believe this is taken into consideration long with all property. How is it worked out is it what the pension is worth at the moment or how much my husband receives at retirement. My solicitor advised me that if my husbands pension was say £12000 per annum I was entitled to half , multiply that by 10 years, I was entitled to £60,000 which I could offset against the house giving me a larger portion and then I would give up any claim on my H,s pension, BUT after that consultation other people told me differently.

Collaborate Thu 28-Feb-13 13:48:04

There's a lot more to it than a straight forward 50/50 split. You need to see a solicitor intially for an overview on what you might expect to receive on divorce. I could give you a full response to your post but it would take me around half an hour to type it all out. That's why you need to actually see someone about it.

xxdriftwoodxx Thu 28-Feb-13 11:16:39

The thing that stops me leaving is my financial side!
I heard everything is divided 50/50 at first even though I have a deed of trust saying I own 75% of the house as I initially paid half of our first house from the sale of my home left to me by my first husband. I don't think I can try to claim any of this back.
My H has a pension but its not really of value until he retires in 15 years. I do work but not enough to pay my bills or rent somewhere as the value of my house won't buy another house.
I here people mention maintenance but I thought that was old hat and didn't exist any more...
Advice please on what to expect please x

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