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Inappropriate games

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Numberlock Tue 22-Jan-13 11:19:24

Does your ex-husband know your views?

Mother2many Mon 21-Jan-13 15:13:47

Okay, I am sure this has been discussed before. My Xh bought my son a PS3 for Christmas. He has been allowing my son to bring it home with him. I warned my Xh that it isn't my responsiblity. The first time he brought it home, it played it 20 mins...and 2 wks later took it back to dads.

This time he hooks it up and I go help him. I check out his games....

Okay... My son just turned 9. All the games he brought are rated for Teen adolescent, and one if for Mature 17+...! I don't like wrestling, but oh, well. I'm not into hunting, but the one is for wild animals...oh, well, I best suck it up... The third one is an army one, Battlefield Bad Company 2.

Hunting to me is tolerable if it's for wild animals type thing NOT people.

My rules are, no killing other people, no extreme language or violence, no blood guts everywhere. My son was so upset with me as I guess BBC2 is his favorite game!

I can't stop what they do at their dad's but at my home, I can. When I think of my DD 7yrs wandering around her dad's house while her father, 15 yr stepbrother, and my 9 yr old son play violent game sure upsets me. Nothing I can do. Xh got 3 !~ PS3 so they can "game" together.

I few weeks ago, when I realized this new PS3, I did try to locate other games that I thought were appropriate for my children, and you know, there isn't too many that are!?! My 22 yr son says, PS3 is mainly for older teens/adults...and online gaming. I had another talk with my son about his games...Today I am not the mean bully I was last night, but it amazes me that a father doesn't think about how old his children really are...and they are not young adults yet! hmm

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