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Quick question about divorce papers in Scotland

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Yogagirl17 Sun 20-Jan-13 21:03:05

XH desperate to get our divorced finalised. Don't really see the importance of it myself as we've already done all the hard stuff with the solicitors, agreed a minute of separation etc. but hey ho, he's paying for it & all I have to do is sign. Anyway, just a quick question about getting the papers served.

First he told me that the papers had to be delivered to me, at home, and I had to sign for them (fair enough). But apparently I can't get them delivered and sign for them somewhere else and I can't sign for them at the post office. This presents a problem because i'm working 5 days a week and usually out on a saturday morning taking the kids to all their various activities. I offered to wait in on a saturday if he drove the kids wherever they had to go. Next thing I know he says that the court (as opposed to Royal Mail) can deliver the papers to my home and I don't need to be in at all.

Just sounds strange. Anyone have any knowledge of this? Thx

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