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Child maintenance payments

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Collaborate Fri 11-Jan-13 07:41:17

It will be based on his tax returns. If you go through the CSA they won't initially include dividend income. You have to ask them after the first assessment is done.
If he suddenly decides to retain profit in the company, so reducing income, you then apply for a variation on the ground of deliberate deprivation of income.

whostolethesocks Thu 10-Jan-13 20:30:18

STBXH has his own limited company. He draws a salary of £624 each month and a varying amount each month in dividends and expenses depending on how much money he's made. I understand he should give me 20 % of his salary for child maintenance (we have two children). Does this include 20 of the dividends too? Also as the amount varies each month should I look at averaging it out based on past income or trust him to give me 20 % each month realising that some months are good and others not so good.

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