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Order for costs against H in Decree Nisi now H saying he won't pay

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Collaborate Wed 09-Jan-13 20:55:54

It needs to be assessed by the court. Your solicitor will explain what needs to be done.

alexrider Wed 09-Jan-13 18:30:27

Any advice gratefully received. Decree Nisi was granted in December, STBXH had ticked the box at the beginning of the divorce saying he would pay all costs in the divorce and then when Decree Nisi was granted Court ordered for costs in the divorce against STBXH, me to pay my own costs of financial settlement. Solicitor drafted the Consent Order stating EX-H to pay the costs. He has now written back and said he will only pay court fee and an hour of her time. I've just received a letter from her by email so it's too late to call her, but surely if the Court has made an order for costs then he must pay.

Can anybody give me any advice tonight so that I don't lose a night's sleep mulling it over before I can speak to the solicitor in the morning.

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