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F4J Ex At It (again)... What is this "covenant of care" thing?

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TeapotofDoom Sun 06-Jan-13 15:03:08

I've been harassed by an ex partner, on and off, for the past ten years. I have two kids with him, one in primary school one in secondary.

A few years ago, he got off on a technicality for harassing me but shortly after went to prison anyway for harassing another woman. Now the police are thinking of trying to get him back in court, this time using the Malicious Communications Act as harassment law as it stood a few years back failed me so badly.

There is something I am curious about.

This past year contact with him has gone from him sending zero to hundreds of abusive and threatening emails. He is a born again christian and F 4 J fanatic.

In an effort to get him helped or reined in before I went to the coppers, I found someone who knows him in real life, his vicar, as he was copying him in to emails and it wasnt hard to figure out who this bloke was. So I contacted him with the full story. The church was, according to his emails, letting him volunteer ( used this for his veneer of respectability) and I had sleepless nights worrying why on earth these idiots let a man with previous volunteer, clearly not having bothered to run CRBs, either...

It is a C of E church that does the Alpha course which apparently my ex completed a while back. I should say my ex was so bad he was not given any parental responsibility when we went to Family Court, and he has only got indirect contact - a handful of mailings supposedly to the kids, not me. He is circulating emails to hundreds of people giving out my name and address and calling me a "child abductor".

The Family Court took over a year to give me residency, so abduction didnt come into it. He also acts as if no court orders were made, but there are even orders in place to prevent him coming to my house or the kids' schools. That is how bad he is.

Just before christmas, it got to a dozen or so emails a day, one using a biblical quote about fire being rained down on the infidel. Bear in mind this man knows where I live. His vicar was copied in to this so is well aware how mentally ill he is and saw the threat.

Rather than rein him in, the church simply covered their own backs saying what he does in the wider community is no concern of their's but, mortified I had contacted people he had fooled and told them about his convictions etc, he stepped up his campaign even more. And copied me in to a series of emails that made it plain they were drafting summat called a Covenant of Care, which I suspect is to cover their arses if he goes nuclear.

All I can gather from the internet is that a Covenant of Care is summat to do with sex offenders or really dodgy people who want to go to church.

Does anyone know if a Covenant of Care ends at the church door or is the criminal that has one meant to behave in the wider world?

This is not a victimless crime, far from it. It seems to me the church are backing him up, whilst saving themselves from any risk of future litigation. Im very curious to know what a Covenant of Care actually is, and why they would do it when they were about to chuck him out, especially as I have copied them into enough of his emails now for them to see he is commiting a crime, long after claiming he has "repented". What is it for?

Collaborate Sun 06-Jan-13 17:32:25

Sounds like actionable harassment to me. See a solicitor about getting an injunction to stop this contact.

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