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Divorce and Company Car

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PatTheDog Sun 06-Jan-13 19:18:03

Thank you, Collaborate!

Would you be willing to advise on this as well please? My children 10 and 8 have come home from a weekend at their Dad's saying that when they got up in the morning, and peeped around his door, Dad said to come and sit on his bed. He was in it, naked, with his girlfriend at the time. They said they didn't see any "private parts". (thank goodness). They have known his girlfriend (she was a friend of his) for a number of years, but they only found out in November that she was his girlfriend. It is only the second time that they have stayed at his and she's been there (and only the third time they've ever stayed there).

I don't think this is appropriate behaviour. Am I being unreasonable? And if not, what do I do about it?

Thank you.

Collaborate Sun 06-Jan-13 10:05:38

You can apply to the CSA for a variation on the ground of deliberate deprivation of income.

PatTheDog Sun 06-Jan-13 00:02:58

Hi, I'm new.

My husband left me at the end of October - announced he was having an affair ("I've found out what I've been missing!") and left. Me and our 3 kids are coping, and H and I are getting a divorce. We are trying to do it as amicably as possible, if that is possible, and are going to mediation.

Could someone help me with a question about maintenance and company cars, please? H pays me maintenace (25%) and is entitled to a company car or money in lieu of one. For the last five years, he has taken the money - and I get 25% of this as it is part of his salary every month. He has announced that he is thinking of taking the car again instead of the money - but that doesn't suit me so well because I'd lose my 25% of the car allowance and he'd get to drive around in a brand new car! Doesn't seem fair!

Does anyone have any experience of this? Could someone advise me please? Is it just tough luck or can I do something about it?

Thank you all.

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