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Am I right to think I've been shafted in this divorce?

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Collaborate Wed 19-Dec-12 11:45:20

Firstly, calm down. There's no rush re decree nisi.

Secondly, go to the CSA over child maintenance. The court won't be able to help you here. Ring them today, so that the maintenance will be backdated to the date when they contact ex.

Thirdly, depending on the circumstances in which the agreement was negotiated, you may be able to put it in front of a judge, but that might be in contested financial proceedings. You'll need to take proper advice from a solicitor over that. Look on the website for details of a solicitor near you, or on the law society "find a solicitor" website for a member of either the family law panel or advanced family law panel near you.

AnuvvaMuvva Wed 19-Dec-12 09:53:20

I pay the mortgage solely.

AnuvvaMuvva Wed 19-Dec-12 09:52:42

ExH left 3 years ago. We have two young kids (9 and 4). When he left, I had a separation agreement drawn up BUT NOT FINALISED sad that he signed, saying he'd pay £400 CS and give me 70% of house's equity.

3 years on, still not divorced... He has cooled off and is now paying NO CS at all, and saying he'll only agree to my having 55% of house's equity.

He also has a pension worth £25k but he won't agree to my having any of that either. hmm

What can I do? Only have till Jan 30th before the Decree Nisi runs out and would have to send in an affa davit explaining why it's taken so long to come to an agreement.

Kids live with me every day except Weds nights & alternate weekends. ExH is self-employed -- as am I.

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