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Skidooing issues

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Mother2many Tue 18-Dec-12 14:59:41

My Xh loves sledding. My Xstepson is now 14yrs and also enjoys it from what my children tell me. However, my children HATE IT.... They told me they freeze their fingers/toes, and their dad goes too fast. My son said, he read how fast his dad was going and it said, 68mph.... My DD7yrs, is terrified as my Xh does jumps and goes on the side of hills, etc. The machine has even tipped on them and my Xh had to hold it so she could crawl away from under the side of it!

My Xh doesn't go for just a short time. He goes out for hours and hours.... When the helmets are on, he can't hear my children cry out....

I told him, they do not have the proper winter gear for his kind of outting. My Xh and Xss, have the name brand top quality boots, mitts, etc.etc. that is meant for it... I told him he should buy the kids proper outfits then at least they won't freeze!!!

Then the safety of the kinds of speeds he goes. If something happened at that speed it could be deadly for my children. I KNOW he goes like that because I have seen it myself... I have heard him personally talk about how fast he goes, etc.

My son has sent me messages on his Ipod wanting me to pick them up when their dad goes sledding, etc.

Saying to them, Your dad's house, his rules, seems soo cruel and mean when they are upset... This issue is more than, "he makes us eat bacon" or something petty...

Thanks for listening!! My Xh doesn't!!! angry

bigpaws Wed 19-Dec-12 03:10:15

How sad for your DCs that they can't enjoy their time with their Dad. What arrangement do you have with XH? Does he have them every weekend? I would suggest alternate so they don't have to be dragged along - but that's my opinion!
As for safety, yes he is being irresponsible. How dare he risk them coming to harm. If they enjoyed it, then at least buy them the full gear to protect them.
Hope you get something agreed.

Mother2many Sat 05-Jan-13 21:17:30

I suggested alternating, but NOOO, can't do that! Well, I did go and talk with someone, they are going to talk with my kids without me present... For their safety I do have to protect them, and when I can't talk to my Xh about it!! They have ipods, and I have told them to keep in touch with me...

It isn't easy, when they contact me, and there is nothing I can do, but tell them I love them!

I can't tell them to "be safe" as that is their fathers responsibility!!!

Mother2many Thu 17-Jan-13 16:27:58

Well, I hated involving Child and Family services. I felt I had no where else to turn. They did go and speak with the children at their school. I wasn't pleased with how they handled their visit, as IMHO you can't make a judgement call on only one visit!! Heck, even taking my daughter to the doctor, she will forget why she's there!!!

The children mentioned a tiny bit of the issues. My daughter said, "I FORGOT"... My son said, "I didn't talk about sis because it wasn't about her"...

The worker did not even want to see the documentation I have on their Ipods! Didn't even want to read it..

The worker said, "they got new outfits". I said, if they did, they haven't even used them yet, so how do you know if they are warm? Then when I spoke to the kids, "It's so great you got new things to wear sledding!" The kids said, they got a pair of mitts. GEEE...

ANYHOW... They will be going to speak with my Xh. I guess he will now be aware that his actions are being noted. I do dread how he will react to me.

If he would ONLY talk to me, we would never have to involve anyone. That's part of co-parenting in my eyes...

Thanks for listening!

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