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blackmail,bullying,harrasment from ex

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lovelytoes Tue 11-Dec-12 14:23:54

im totally drained and fed up now of my stbexh.he is constantly txting me and demanding to see me over 'things'.there is nothing to talk about whatsoever our divorce is in process we have 3 adult children and no assets to split.the problem iswe have both been in a relationship since we split yet his has recently ended and since then he has been txting me and trying to cause trouble forme and my boyfriend.i do not answer his txts and this is not detering him 1 bit.he is now threatening that if i dont talk to him he will pay us a visit(we live 30 miles away).i am in contact with my kids so i know that he doesnt want to discuss any problems re:them.he has decided he is going to going to cause as much trouble as he can for me and my boyfriend as he says in his txts its 'payback time'.his txts are abusive.threatening and distressing for me.i have thought about contacting the police but i wont for the sake of our children as they dont know what he has been doing and i dont want them to either.i just want him to stop but dont know how to get him to.please help!!!

butterflybee Thu 27-Dec-12 10:36:58

I thought a solicitor would charge you £10 for each email they receive... this gets pretty expensive with my ex.

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