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don't know how to deal with my ex moving onto another relationship

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YoungatHart Sun 09-Dec-12 10:13:36

My husband left approx a yr and a half ago. No real answer as to why just that he was starting to resent me because of money and work situations etc but he hasn't been with anyone else and neither have I. Last night he went on a date and it's killing me I don't know how to deal with it. I was starting to feel ok about things but I think, always in the back of my head I thought we would get back together but now I feel like I've emotionally jumped back 6 months. We have a 6 yr old girl so we have regular contact.
How should I deal either this, what emotions should/n't show him????

ParsleyTheLioness Sat 22-Dec-12 22:31:49

It's hard isn't it? I think, for me, the realisation that the marriage is over has come in stages. I was in shock for a long time, despite many years of abusive behaviour on his part. This time last year, for me, there was still the possibility that he would realise that he has sever 'ishoos' and go into therapy. Now he is living with another woman. She is coping with his nonsense (much of which is still ongoing according to my dd). This was easier for him than addressing the problems. Yes, its c**p. But I am not tolerating the abuse any more. That part, at least, feels good. My advice would be to be civil as far as possible, but not be walked on. Mine doesn't care about how I feel, and my assuming he will 'feel my pain' about his behaviour is flawed. I just do the bare minimum really. Good luck. It gets better. x

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