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divorce still not sorted :(

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Collaborate Mon 03-Dec-12 16:27:07

He can't apply for a capital order against you if you're an undischarged bankrupt, so refuse to give him the list of creditors. It's irrelevant.

He can get the joint debt info for himself.

It's reasonable that they ask that you contact the landlord to seek agreement in principle to the transfer of tenancy.

Hope that helps.

charllie Mon 03-Dec-12 13:23:47

I ended the relationship with my ex in Feb 2009, he turned nasty and in the end i had to get an emergency injunction on him.
I've also had councelling as i was diagnosed with post traumatic stress because of the relationship and also the way it ended (the injunction and reasons for that)
The divorce just doesn't seem to be coming to an end, i get my hopes up because it sounds like its almost there and then something else comes up. I no longer have a solicitor as i can't get legal aid and can't afford to go private (I also had to go bankrupt because of a joint debt and a few others) His solicitor is asking for a list of my creditors, i don't know what that is for. I'm worried that handing that over could then make more complications. The only one that concerns him, is the joint one. They also want a letter from the council to say they don't have a problem with the tenancy being put in just my name instead of a joint tenancy. They have said that they can't do this, that i would need to go down a different route. Oh and i'm also 21 weeks pregnant (not with the c* of an ex, with my OH) so the stress is great right now lol.

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