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Initital Meeting With Solicitor - What Do I Ask?

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whostolethesocks Sun 04-Nov-12 06:41:29

I have an hour long meeting with a solicitor this week for my initial advice. Are there any questions I should ask? I want to keep costs as low as possible and plan to complete divorce forms online and STBXH are hoping to sort out finances between us or use mediation. Looks like I'll have to sell the house as we have no spare money for him to use to live elsewhere so this will need to be sorted too. Also we have a small limited company. Not sure what will happen with this. STBXH takes a small salary from this, expenses and both take dividends.

Collaborate Sun 04-Nov-12 08:27:07

Not so much what questions to have, but what answers to have ready. I email a form out to new clients which if they return to me completed before the meeting cuts out half an hour of me asking about everything but their inside leg measurement. It makes the meeting more about advice than information gathering, and outs the money the client is spending on the meeting to better use. See if they do something similar.
The solicitor should be able to cover most of the basics with you in an hour.

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