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Advice needed for a friend

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HoHum264 Tue 23-Oct-12 22:30:53

Hello, I was just after a bit of advice for a friend of mine. She has ended her marriage, completley unreconcilable due to her Husbands infidelity. She (and I) have no idea of what she will be entitled to claim / do so have briefly outlined the circumstances below as best i can:-

They have 2 children, both under the age of 5. Friend does not work. Husband works full time on a salary of £45k per annum. Friends house was bought by her before they married, and the mortgage is in her name only. They have no savings, and the only benefits friend receives is Child Benefit (£134 4 weekly).

I have advised her to go to the CAB for advice on where to start and i will be taking her as soon as possible. I have also told her she needs to speak to a Solicitor asap, however she has no funds to pay for this.

I think she will be able to claim Tax Credits, Income Support and Council Tax benefit. Her main concern is the house - will he be entitled to half? Will she be made to sell up and move? Can she get any help towards the Mortgage?

He also still has a set of keys - is he entitled to these or can she legally change the locks?

Thanks for any advice you can provide, heading to bed right now as its been a heavy evening but will check back tomorrow for any replies.

thanks in advance.

Collaborate Wed 24-Oct-12 07:29:29

She will get legal aid initially to cover solicitors costs. She should also claim income support straight away and claim tax credits as a single parent.

HoHum264 Wed 24-Oct-12 19:02:05

Thanks Collaborate, I'll let her know.

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