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How to co-parent? Really struggling

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EmmaH83 Sat 20-Oct-12 16:21:18

Ok I'll keep this brief because I don't want to go on. Myself and my ex split up in April. I have custody of our 2dd's and he has them every other weekend. The problem I have is every other weekend he undermines my decisions and this in turn stresses me out. Our marriage was exactly like that because he would make me feel pathetic and would always push for his own way. Our eldest sometimes wets the bed so he makes her wear a nappy in bed which I am vehnemently against but his attitude is "I don't question you for 12 days so you don't get to question me" he also tells the girls that I take all his money and I'm really struggling to remain the bigger person.
I would appreciate any advice- thank you in advance.

Valdeeves Sun 21-Oct-12 08:56:51

Could you tell him straight not to bad mouth you infront of the girls? Explain that you don't do the same and it's not healthy for them or good for their future relationships to see their parents not liking each other.
With comments like that I can see you are not together! I feel for you xxx

ToothbrushThief Sun 21-Oct-12 09:02:46

I think you do have to accept that he can do what he likes in those two days. Let that go.

Money.... mine bad mouthed me to mine which as it was the opposite of the truth so really wound me up. It does end. They get bored and the kids see through it...and then as time moves on it's neither here nor there. The longer you show ex it winds you up, the more motivation he has to do it

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