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Court orders and Financial Arrangements

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laleila Tue 16-Oct-12 17:55:04


I have my decree absolute, but the financial aspects are still unresolved. Quick background, we jointly own a house. Ex-H occupies the house and I moved out into rented with my two children. I moved out because he point blank refused to.

Anyway, my solicitor has just phoned me to say that with regards to Form E (from ex-h) she needs £240 to apply to the court as he/his solicitor is ignoring her letters (2 so far)...

so, is this normal? would a decent solicitor allow their client to behave in this manner and allow things to get this far? My solictor is fine (I think) but I often find her very confusing.

Im putting complete faith in her and jointly we have a considerable equity.

So, in essence, Im asking is this normal. I am on a very low income atm and cannot afford this court fee.


Collaborate Tue 16-Oct-12 23:59:11

If the other side won't negotiate then you must apply to court.

that said, if you want to give H more time to respond, tell your solicitor. I'd suggest you give them a deadline to respond by, and that you'll apply to court if they still fail to respond. Sometimes a lot of money can be wasted by entering into fruitless negotiations, but dealing with these things through court is the most expensive way to sort these things out. sometimes you have no choice.

laleila Wed 17-Oct-12 19:21:51

collaborate - thank you...I will give my Ex-H time to respond as I am not in any real hurry, could do without the grief in the run up to Christmas tbh...

Thank you for replying

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