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when divorcing- who pays for what? and how much?

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whogivesaduck1 Tue 09-Oct-12 00:20:17

Jon is 43, May is 63. they have been married for 22yrs. May has 2 daughters that Jon bought up and supported. They also have a daughter together. As of this year their daughter is 23 and married herself, and the stepdaughters are 30 and 34. May has never worked, she spent all her years bringing up the kids from her first marriage and then the daughter from hers and Jons marriage.

Jon decides that May is not what he wants any more. He and May sell the family home and Jon buys a 2 bedroom house for May to live in alone. Jon lives else where. Jon also pays May £400 a month as well as the mortgage for her house.

Jon earns £72000 a year. May does not have a job, but there is no reason as to why she cannot work.

If they were to divorce, is it likely that Jon would have to pay any maintenance to May?
If she is to keep the house ( in both their names but he pays for it, and she lives in it) would he be required to still pay her money (eg £400)
Jon is with a new partner and they are getting married as soon as his and Mays divorce comes through and will be trying for a baby.

any advice and knowledge of any similar situations would be great.


Collaborate Tue 09-Oct-12 09:33:22

Might be a good idea to ask MN to delete this thread seeing as it is a copy of the one you started on Legal.

whogivesaduck1 Tue 09-Oct-12 11:39:04

i was not sure where to post it.

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