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best advice for going into mediation

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Collaborate Mon 17-Sep-12 17:02:51

You are strongly advised to seek proper legal advice prior to and during the mediation process. The mediator cannot advise either of you, and each of you receiving good legal advice means that neither of you has unrealistic expectations and therefore the mediation is more likely to be successful.

lavendervision Mon 17-Sep-12 15:02:52

I am going in mediation regarding the custody of the children. I want to be prepared and find out an arrangement where we can have 50/50 time with the children. What works best? What is he likelyto agree to?
I also would like to divide fairly the Childtax credit and child benefit. How best to achieve this?
What is important to includein my plan?
It is all a bit confusing. I know I should be prepared and I wonder how to tackle it best.

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