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If your 'D'P moves out

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Collaborate Sat 15-Sep-12 06:59:18

I often come across this as a solicitor. Usually I have to write a letter explaining the situation, then saying my client won't pay more than 75%. The problem for them is that if the LA tries to take her to court for the missing 25% the court won't be as fussy in wanting to get evidence of where he's moved to.

Of course it helps that my clients are seeking and paying for legal advice. That is usually given as the reason why the LA accepts the letter from me as proof.

Nagoo Sat 15-Sep-12 06:51:40

they are dead. She likes his sister, and doesn't want her to get into trouble with her council tax, as she lives alone too ATM.

thanks though, it would have been a good answer.

Midwife99 Sat 15-Sep-12 06:46:21

Tell her just to give his parents address as a forwarding address.

Nagoo Sat 15-Sep-12 06:31:29

Thank you, I have spoken to her again today and she says the council are refusing to take him off (so she can get single occupancy discount) unless she provides a forwarding address.

I can't see how that can be right.

NotaDisneyMum Tue 11-Sep-12 16:07:26

My ex was NFA when he moved out - noone asked for his address, I just notified the council/HMRC of a change of circumstance, so she should be fine smile

Nagoo Tue 11-Sep-12 16:05:45

and you don't know where he went, can you claim tax credits and single person's council tax and whatnot without a forwarding address for him?

my friend is in limbo as her DP won't tell her where he is staying...

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