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What's the worst thing an ex has done to you?

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datingthedevil Mon 03-Sep-12 01:24:20

Hi all,

I've broken up from my bf after 3.5 years. I'm 25+3 weeks pregnant and suffering from really bad SPD. The ex knows I'm in heaps of pain and on verge of being signed off.

Anyway, we split up three weeks back and he's ran back to his mummy to hang on to her apron strings. Where he is staying he already has a bed to sleep on (his old one).

On top of claiming he wants nothing to do with me or the baby and he's going to quit his job to avoid csa, he today came to the house and took the bed. Meaning I have to sleep on the uncomfortable, narrow sofa. He has only done this out of spite. I dread to think what I will feel like tomorrow morning.

I was wondering what awful things horrible exes have done to you to upset you? I can't have the only pathetic ex out there!

Any ideas on revenge would be greatly appreciated!!

Thanks guys,

C xxx

Cynner Mon 03-Sep-12 02:10:07

I'm very sorry Dating...but congratulations on your pregnancy.
My ex moved his gf into our house before the door hit me on the way out. I went back to the house to retrieve things from MY wardrobe and found it filled with her clothes, including a disturbing array of green bras.
He does not answer or return my phone calls. He uses our children to pass messages, even after I have asked him to speak to me about parenting issues.
He stopped paying bills before a court order came through, and my car was taken back. I walked out of work, and it was GONE.

Prforone Mon 03-Sep-12 02:21:40

Firstly, sorry to hear your XP is being an arse sad and I hope you get lots of lovely support from your nearest and dearest through the rest of your pregnancy and beyond.

FWIW, I recently was extremely ill and called my XH at work to say he'd need to look after DD as I knew I'd have to go to A&E. He didn't collect her til 8 pm by which time I was in agony and, despite seeing me bent over double in pain, all he did was wait in the hallway after telling DD to get her stuff, then promptly left with her. No asking if I needed anything (like maybe a lift to A&E!) whilst I was lying on the sofa not so quietly sobbing.

Oh, and he then refused to take compassionate leave from work while I was in hospital on the grounds he was "very busy" and so farmed DD out to all and sundry for the duration of my stay. Ditto the compassionate leave thing when I was discharged, despite being told I needed complete bed rest for at least the next week.

(I should add that I have no family to fall back on and HE knows this angry)

Aah, that was strangely cathartic - I feel much better for airing that one!

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