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What would you do?

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loveverona Sun 19-Aug-12 13:45:53

H and I separated almost two months ago. It was mutual but things aren't particularly great and he said he wants to sell the house next year. Inevitable I guess but now this throws up a few choices for me. I'm happy where we are, dcs settled in good school, dc3 starts Sep 2013, lovely friends, good job prospects for me, H up the road. But, it's expensive here and there is a possibility that he may move to London (he works there). My parents live 1.5hrs away where there are good schools, houses much cheaper and I'd have support from family to whom I'm very close. But, no friends there and kids would have to change schools. Would that be too much for us all, too much like starting again? I'm also self-employed so could I get a manageable mortgage?

So, what would you do?!

loveverona Sun 19-Aug-12 19:55:00


Lsrmum Fri 21-Sep-12 14:23:49

I am going through a similar situation. I want to start again, elsewhere, but should I stay here for the children's school and friends, and for the time being to be near their father.
He is not hands on anyway, and seldom around, despite still being under the same roof. I have a feeling he will move on soon anyway.
Why should I stay, when a move means more affordable housing, nearer to family and friends and better job prospects.
Is it best for the children 6 and 8, to do it stages, or bite the bullet and do it all in one go?

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