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sparklysu Mon 03-Oct-11 23:15:51

Hi I have been granted legal aid for my divorce and now it is going to court over access will i be granted legal aid to cover this as well does anyone know?

PooleFamilyLaw Wed 05-Oct-11 20:07:23

Although I no longer provide family law legal help via legal aid, i think i'm right in saying that there remain different levels of legal aid depending on what stage in a legal process you're at and this can vary from advice away from court through to actual representation in court.

Also, generally there are (1) means assessments (ie. if you have to much income or capital you don't get legal aid) and (2) merits assessment (ie you have to have a sufficiently good enough case to keep legal aid)

I hope this helps insome small way, but I'll also state the obvious; if you have a solicitor under one level of legal aid for a divorce, then you really should be speaking to your lawyer to explain to you how your legal representation is funded for other issues (such as child contact proceedings in court) - that's what they're there for and what they're paid for. They're your lawye and so they have a duty to explain the law and funding options to you.

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