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Is there a way to reach a separation agreement quicker?

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itsnotpossibleisit Thu 11-Aug-11 19:13:45

3 months ago I decided to separate from my ExP. We were never married but bought a house together, there is a declaration of trust signed by both of us about the property. We also had a DD (2 years old) who is living with me.

When we bought the house we agreed that because ExP was earning substantially more than me he would be paying the motgage and I would pay the bills and food. We opened a joint account for all the bills and he never wanted to change the mortgage into the joint account, he said he prefered the mortgage to be in his account (I can see why now). After my maternity leave ended we both agreed it was in DD best interest for me to give up my job and look after her full time so I became a SATHM. After going through counselling and not getting anything from it, I reached the conclusion that I didn't want it to live my life how I have done it in the last year and told him it was the end our 6 years relationship. He made it very clear that he wouldn't leave the family house because he would become homeless (his family live close by) so I had to rent a house for DD and myself. He also made it very clear that he would not pay me any penny for the house we bought together because according to him morally I do not deserve anything.

So at the moment he has declined to go to mediation and everythig is being dealt with by our respective solicitors. My solicitor has sent him two proposals and his solicitor has sent one. I am still awaiting for the outcome of my last proposal which was sent a month ago but he does not seem to be in a hurry. Because I do not work I am on benefits at the moment but as I am from abroad I have been refused HB which means that we are very thight financially after paying the rent and all the utilities bill. He is not paying full child maintenance because we have not agreed a separation agreement, that is his excusse.

So my question is, is there a way to make things go faster? I have the feeling that he is trying to make it as long as possible just to make things more difficult and in the situation DD and I are if things don't start getting resolve soon we may end up homeless (in reality not just in words like him).

Any advice much appreciated thank you

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