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Sons2 Tue 05-Jul-11 19:52:34

Ii got divorced over 4 years ago my solicitor is really failing me and i dont know what to do i still have not got finacial settlement i have twin boys one who has specia lneeds
i myself have paraplgia i have over the years had to refill forms that i have already done because the time has run out on them i have had to renew my leagal aid 3 times as that as ran out my ex wont give his complete finacial status my solitor does not seem to care i want the judge to order him to do it as i know he is not bankrupt he is in full time work earning 2000 a month my solicitor just said we cant prove it we can i know we can she is hopless what can i do i have been let down he even got to divorce me after he left the marriage with another woman because she forgot to do my divorce 4months after i asked her to can any one please tellme what i can do i think i may lose my house because he wont let me andmy boys stay in it thankyou

aubergine70 Wed 06-Jul-11 09:58:56

Try a different solicitor. Some will give an initial meeting for free so you find out if the one you've got is totally incompetent or if it's the system that is letting you down.

Good luck.

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