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Concerned for DS1 aged 6

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babybumpx Sat 04-Jun-11 09:44:55

Hello, Im not sure this is the right section for this subject but here goes....My DS1 visits his father on a regular basis ie weekends for 1 night, I have recently spread out the contact as I am concerned that my ex partner is emotionally abusing our son, by talking about our separation in a very inappropriate way, blaming me for the break up and telling our DS that families should never spilt and I took him away from his daddy! On that occasion, my son came home very distressed and angry towards me, it took a good few weeks for him to get over that! Another concern that has come up is my DS1 mentioned that he has secrets and cant tell me, as his father told DS that mummy will argue with me if he says anything! Now my DS is only 6 which really isnt the point as I wouldnt expect this to happen to him at any age as its just not fair! Now i would contact my ex partner about this but the last time I challenged him about his parenting he text me and said that if our DS keeps telling lies he wont see him anymore......! So im pretty stuck with no solution, obviously I have spoken with DS and explained that the only secrets people tend to keep are ones that are supposed to be surprises ie Birthday and Christmas! and that any other secret that an adult tells them keep is generally not a good idea, especially if an adult has said dont tell mummy! This is just two of many issues that involve my ex partner....constant abuse via text message, laughing when he comes to collect our son if DS is rude!? etc. I have just had a message from him now saying "you make me sick" after he text to ask what DS is doing, I replied "playing" and that is what I get all the time from him and worse. What do I do?

blackeyedsusan Sun 05-Jun-11 00:52:32

keep records of it all..

I hope someone will be along with more advice tomorrow..

babybumpx Sun 05-Jun-11 17:11:35

Thank you, I hope so too

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