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How do I deal with this? Mental health...

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Emba Fri 06-May-11 01:45:03

Hi my husband has just told me he is leaving. No 3rd parties, just not in love with me anymore. He is set on leaving but can't right away so we are trying to be amicable. So far I've known for about 48 hrs. I'm in so much shock right now and so scared. What makes it worse is we have 3 childrenthionyl the eldest 2 are a previous relationship. I remarried and we have a son together too. I am so terrified of how I am going to cope. My first husband committed suicide leaving me with 2 children, how are they gonna cope with this on top? I now have 2 children from a father who killed himself and one from a failed will I cope? I'm worried cos I've been low and tho I wouldn't consider taking my own life, I am scared I can't handle this mentally. I don't know where to start as we rent and it's too expensive to stay here on benefits....I may need to change the kids do I deal eith this and stay string enough for my kids??? Please help, sorry for the rant!!!

Bickies Fri 06-May-11 15:22:08

Emba, I am sooo very sorry for you. You have been and are still going through so much but you are obviously strong, stronger than you might think and you and your children will get through this.
In my humble opinion I think you should talk to someone, family or a friend and also contact your health service for some support - (I am in Ireland so I don;t know who which department that might be).
Your second husband must also step up to the plate financielly so you will need to know your rights legally. In Ireland, when people find themselves in simiiar situations they go to the citizens advice bureau. That is a free legal aid service which you might qualify for.
I hope some of this helps and I wish you every luck and future happiness and you will be happy again, rest assured.

GypsyMoth Fri 06-May-11 15:24:41

is his name on the tenancy?

you could approach council and get on housing list.

hsurp Sat 28-May-11 10:18:45

I feel so bad for you - I am SO sorry! I was left by my husband, for a friend of ours (whose marriage also failed) but I had no kids. However, being with my bf for 7 1/2 years with a son, I KNOW that he has to pay money for his son! You need to look up in the internet about help for single mothers. I am from the USA and there is help from the town and/or state for medical and food and money each month. I wouldn't know what the UK equivalent is but I would look it up and get in touch ASAP! Also, if your 2nd husband made more money than you, you may be able to get Alimony (money for what you were used to living on, separate from child support). Check into that as well. Also check local churches for food pantries and/or other types of help, as I do.

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