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divorce settlement question, please help

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tikka12 Thu 24-Feb-11 15:27:28

Dh walked out on me and DS a year ago. Has refused to communicate at all, hasn't phoned DS. I'm trying to start divorce proceedings on grounds of unreasonable behaviour. Have now discovered DS has moved in with someone else (but still has a house but doesn't actually stay in it, just gets his post there and stores stuff). The new girlfriend is on a high salary and owns a house. What I'd like to know is will the fact that he has a wealthy girlfriend he has moved in with help me get more money off him? Sounds mean to ask but we had been together for nearly 30 years and for the last 16 I didn't work. I was looking forward to a financially secure retirement, but not any more. i'm in a terrible state of limbo.

honeyandlemon Thu 24-Feb-11 19:30:39

No I don't think so - her money is separate from his. you do need to see a solicitor if you haven't already - is he giving you maintenance? and you will be entitled to capital as well. you will also be entitled to a share of his pension (half i think but am not quite sure) as it was a long marriage. you should ensure, if you haven't already, that he is not spending joint assets. sorry about your state of limbo - it will get better but do see someone quite soon to resolve it - then you know where you stand. good luck - you'll get some good advice here I think

hsurp Sat 28-May-11 10:50:42

His gf's money has nothing to do with your divorce. That is completely separate from anything to do with you and your ex. You may be able to get Alimony from him though so you can live the way you are used to.

RottenTiming Fri 03-Jun-11 14:56:00


Can I ask why you didn't work for the last 16 years ?

I'm confused as to your financial secure retirement position if you haven't been paying NI and presumably had no eanrings out of whcih to make pension contributions, or did your dh pay into a private pension for you ?

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