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Parenting after head injury

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Aelfwyn Sat 12-Jun-10 16:54:40

Not sure if I am posting in right place as not actually disabled. Would really be grateful for some advice though. Got knocked out in an accident 2 months ago and am still struggling with post concussion syndrome. I'd never heard of it before and thought you got over concussion in a couple of days. Finding it hard to deal with still feeling lousy. Constant head pain, fatigue, tearfulness, difficulty concentrating/ organising/ typing/ remembering right words etc. Sensitivity to noise makes it difficult to deal with children and even with usual chatter with other parents at school gates. I have become quite withdrawn and depressed as can't cope with usual chaos of family/ social life. No obvious injury so people either don't know that I'm struggling, or think I'm being a bit of a hypochondriac when I try to explain. Main reason I'm writing, though, is all this has made my usually short temper really bad. Am always at the end of my tether and shouty and feel really guilty about the effect on my kids. Anyone else in same boat? Any suggestions? I have discovered some useful leaflets from and am awaiting results of CT scan. Thanks.

FabIsGoingToGetFit Sat 12-Jun-10 16:57:13

I had concussion in November and have only recently been to the doctor. I now have migraines and it sounds like you might have too. I have also had a CT scan and a MRI last night.

I make lists now and are more selfish about just pottering when the kids are at school instead of constantly doing housework/cooking fore them.

Aelfwyn Sat 12-Jun-10 18:01:30

Thanks, Fab. Poor you, still having headaches so many months later. I've had one for 8 weeks and that's bad enough! It's hard to be patient when your head hurts all the time, like steel bands being tightened until you think you will burst. But I know other people have much worse problems to deal with. Just wish I could get a grip and not be taking it out on the children. Always flying off the handle about trivial things.

FabIsGettingFit Sat 12-Jun-10 18:07:15

Knowing that others have problems doesn't lessen your pain so go to the doctors and get some help and treatment.

Aelfwyn Mon 14-Jun-10 16:45:23

Have been to GP, who referred me for CT scan. Scan result normal. So that's good, but doesn't get me anywhere...

HuskyNiki Mon 08-Oct-12 13:42:36

i fell over last november hit my head on the ground and cut it. (nice crunch sound) didnt go to the hospital straight away had the kids blah blah. nearly 2 weeks later after i realised there was something wrong (bought 5 felting kids off ebay after watching kirstie on tv and lots of other bits and thats just for starters) i saw my doctor he said youll be ok its just a little PCS. after doing a few strange things over those days and then not remembering whole days people conversations and the ability to speak, stand plus many more i went to seadoc after hours service. they said i could have a slow bleed on the brain and to call my husband as could be life threatening. i was very scared!! they could see swelling on my brain through my eye! had an emergancy ct scan showed no signs of bleed thank god. now i have to live with trying to get better.

my life changed, i changed. my wound healed and i felt noone understood or listened or took me seriously. but i also valued those closest to me more and didnt care about lifes trivial rubbish aymore. have had some days of being so low i just sat and cried and others happy as larry. hard to find the balance in between.

just had another mri as the neurologist locum basically said i was making it all up. put my foot down and now have an appointment with the head trauma nurse to support me. she sent me through paperwork to show my husband too.

its is a very hard condition as it is silent to all those around you there is nothing physically to look at. Facebook helped! post concussion syndrome and mtbi awareness worldwide in depth plus another one post concussion sydrome (P.C.S and P.P.C.S) were all there going through it along with all out frustrations supporting one another. most are not uk based but some are but still helps to talk to each other xxxx

HuskyNiki Mon 08-Oct-12 13:56:46

recommend to all. a good vit b complex rescue remedy and kalms and zinc for brain function!!! been on it for 2 weeks feel a little more focussed xxx good luck all.

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