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ME/CFS and labour..?

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ErikaMaye Sun 11-Oct-09 23:14:37


Have been ill for about 20 months now, have to use a walking stick and a wheelchair for longer journies. My baby is due in five weeks (!!) and it crossed my mind today after a second batch of contractions that left me desperately tired that I might not have the energy or strength to actually push.

Can anyone share their experiences with me? I really would like to have a VB (am terrified of needles, and have never had an operation!!) but if this is being totally impractical please tell me so I can start looking into an elective!!! Thanks in advance

Will post this in childbirth too.

JTGPsmummy Mon 09-Nov-09 19:47:31

Hi EM, I don't know if you will see this in time as I have only just joined mumsnet and found this M.E. forum.

I have had M.E. for years now and my DS is 21 months old. I was very worried about giving birth. I saw a consultant who said it wouldn't effect it. I too was worried about not having enough energy to push. I didn't really take any notice of the not effecting advice as I didn't see how she could know that but she did recommend an epidural early in the labour to minimise the anount of time I was in pain which saps your energy. It was wonderful!! I fully recommend epidrals. You can't see what they are doing and I barely felt it. Saying that, my DS got distressed and I had to have forceps as I couldn't get him out quick enough. He was born within 20 mins of me being fully dilated. I would definately recommend an epidural as my DH told me a kept falling asleep whilst in labour (I dont remember). Couldn't feel any contractions but could feel enough pressure that I knew when to push. HTH!!

ErikaMaye Mon 09-Nov-09 19:56:14

Thank you, will certainly bare that in mind

mumbobumbo Tue 10-Nov-09 20:52:35

I don't have ME/CFS, but I do suffer from arthritis and fatigue is a very big part of the symptoms.

DD is one year old now. I was offered a caesarian by a rather ignorant Obgyn, who didn't really understand my condition... I refused.

Anyway. Let me tell you about the birth.

For one thing I think the amount of pain you are certainly keeps you alert, yet you kind of go inside yourself as part of the process (you are not really aware of the passing of time, etc).

I managed the dilation part OK with just gas and air. When it came to the pushing part I managed 2 hours absolutely fine. The midwife however wall constantly telling me that I "wasn't doing a good job" of it. Maybe to get me angry and make me push even harder? Anyway, it was fairly useless... and if she had examined me properly she would have known why. My DD was in the wrong position; not breach, but back-to-back and you can push as much as you like, but are unlikely to get anywhere. After the 2 hours I was exhausted and they finally cottoned onto the fact that DD was in the wrong position. Cue assisted delivery with forceps and ventouse, plus an absolute LOVELY epidural which worked a treat. Aaaahhhh!

Do have a go at VB if thats what you want. Obstetricians are often more concerned with their liability than your wants / capabilities. Remember, it is YOUR choice.

If you do run into trouble you can have an emergency C section, or the assisted delivery.

Have you been round your local hospital's delivery suite? Have you discussed epidurals etc with your Obgyn?

DO make a BIRTH PLAN!!! I didn't, since I had lots of appointments, even with the anaesthetist beforehand and assumed the midwife would read the notes. I was far too in labour to speak much by the time I was in the delivery room and the silly witch didn't bother reading anything in my notes, apart from the word "arthritis". Certainly didn't read the part where I had said I would jolly well like an epidural if the pain got rough and it was a long labour.... didn't get one until going into theatre for the assisted delivery. angry

Wishing you the best of luck. Remember whatever happens there is NOTHING like the joy of holding your little baby, however they are born.


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