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Does anyone have any experience of adjustabilisers?

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baseW Sun 02-Aug-09 19:51:35

my ds aged 5 has CP, problems with balance and coordination. He has just started to master peddling his bike grin whoohoo but his stabilisers are not strong enough to support him and his confidence is disappearing rapidly!!
Have had a google and found these adjustabilisers but they are pretty costly £79.99 - almost more expensive than the bike!!
Does anyone have any experience of these - are they worth the money and have they made any difference? If they are as good as they make out to be then great!!!
Thanks for reading

ohmeohmy Sun 02-Aug-09 20:18:03

Haven't any direct experience of these but wondered if it is worth taking bike plus stabilisers you have on it to a proper bike shop and seeing if there is any way they can be adjusted to be more stable.

My son is getting his first 2 wheeler (20" wheel) tomorrow on his 8th birthday after riding a trike. The shop has put on ordinary stabilisers that seem really solid and not at all wobbly. I think it might be the bit they use to extend the wheel hub past the gears that makes it abit stronger.

baseW Sun 02-Aug-09 20:28:26

Hi, thanks for that.
I think the difference with these is that you can adjust the width that the stabilisers are supporting. The idea being ( i think!! ) that gradually you place the wheels closer and closer so that in the end the child is actually balancing on 2 wheels only if that makes sense!!
Thank you

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