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DP chronic illness and regression.

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wrinklytum Tue 14-Jul-09 20:59:09

dp has a chronic illness and has now beenill for 2 years.It is getting me down.He is on opiates so I guess it explains a lot but he is so "In the sick role".I KNOW he is feeling shite and crp and is depressed but it is still frustrating.We have 2 dc (5 AND 3) and youngest has sn.I am beginning to get resentful even tho I know he cannot help it.He does NOTHING apart from read ds a book at bedtime.I am working,managing morgage bills appts,dd appt,schooling,meals housework etc.I just want some idea of how to shake him out of depression so when he is on a good day he can interact more with the kids a bit.It is like having 3 kids.Again I know it is not his fault.More mine for feeling frustrated.Help.

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