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dla question for pregnacy

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babyalfie Thu 09-Jul-09 21:50:56

Okay this is about my daughter whom I have posted before about.

Okay she is 16 and pregnant. She is diabetic and for the past 2 years been very silly with it and had an eating disorder to control her weight. She did this through binge eating and also through not taking her insulin.. silly I know.

She is alovely girl and the school love her etc and she is very mature. She has manged to get a place of 10 out of 65 on nurse training scheme at our local hospital and sh is due to strat September and they are happy for her to work around them.

Anyhow she had had had dla for the past 8 years and i calim the highest care but none for the motobility.

Her prganacy is a nightmare and i am unable to leave her at all day or night as she simply does not know when she has a hyo. I have to test her three times at night also due to tis. Last week she collapsed and I had to get an abllance and they took her to hospital as took over 40 mins to bring her around.

She is 16 now and I think I should claim do you? but not sure as she is pregant. The diablity ran out last week. We are also often out and we have to just stop and get sugary drinks etc as she drops with no notice at all. She normally knows when she is low but we have no signs at all.

Her baby has serious problems with its hearst where it needs a double switch at birth so we are due for a tough time ahead but we are strong.

any advise very much appreciated.

My email is Thanks

chegirl Thu 09-Jul-09 22:15:52

I cant quite make out what you are asking sorry.

She already gets DLA care componant at the high rate?

Are you asking if you should try and get mobility or asking if you should be claiming carer's allowance?

Or are you asking if you should re-apply for DLA?

I am not sure about the mobility, I would advise contacting an organisation that works with people with diabeties to get advice.

If its carer's allowance you are asking about - you should apply and you will get it as long as you are not earning more than (I think) £95.00.

If its about re applying for DLA - Yes definately. You should. Being pregnant does not prevent your daughter from being eligable for DLA. It sometimes makes it more difficult because a lot of pregant women stop taking medication. In your daughter's case it sounds as if her needs are more not less.

Apologies if I have misunderstood your post.

Sidge Thu 09-Jul-09 22:21:03

Your daughter urgently needs to see the specialist obstetric diabetic team - they will have specialist nurses/midwives who can help bring her diabetes under control because it sounds dangerous at the moment.

You can certainly apply for DLA again.

chegirl Thu 09-Jul-09 23:07:08

Good point Sidge. I was assuming she was already due to baby's diagnosis. I hope she is.

outoftheboxmummy Thu 29-Oct-09 22:53:37

Im not sure on the benefits side of things...

I have heard of insulin pumps being used in pregnancy with good effect. The pump, pumps a constant amount of insulin into the body rather then having injection throughout the day, which prevents highs and lows. Your daughter definitely needs to be refured to a obstetric diabetic team/DR!

As for the baby, I am assuming when you say switch operation that the baby has transposition of the great arteries? If so has your daughter been referred to a fetal cardiologist and a plan made for where the baby will be treated? The baby will need an operation soon after birth but they usually made a good recover and once fixed there hearts are usually fixed for life :-)

Hope thats helps!

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