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Bad lung disease- similar to CF. Please help me argue for a C section.

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hugglebug Thu 04-Sep-08 21:24:16

It's a long story but I have a chronic lung disease which means I have only about a third of my lung capacity available. I also have a heart murmur and pulminory stenosis but this is more stable and less of a worry. My problem is cardiology really want me to have a vaginal birth albeit heavily assisted. My chest Dr feels a planned C section is best with epidural. To top this off I have always had bladder "issues" and have had surgery to try and fix this (hasn't worked completely). I feel that a plannned C section is best coz of the lung and bladder thing and because every other Dr I've ever spoken to has said "of course it will be a planned c section". What I need is other women to help me put my arguments to the anesatist and oby without having to resort to hysterical crying. DO you have experience of this maybe you have CF which is the illness which best compares to my condition? PLease help- starting to panic that I'm going to be forced down the vaginal route.

bundle Thu 04-Sep-08 21:25:52

I cannot see any obs forcing you down the vaginal route

where do you live?

WobblyPig Thu 04-Sep-08 21:38:21

Do you have bronchiectasis? Is the heart murmur due to the P. stenosis or aother valvualr leison ?Why do the cardiologists want a vaginal birth? Is that the risk of possibility of converting to general or infective endocarditis because that seems rather unusual to me.

You can't be forced down the vaginal route if the thoracic medicine lot don't think it's a good idea. Have you thought of suggesting a meeting between you ; Obs ; cardiology and respiratory medicine?

madhairday Fri 05-Sep-08 17:14:30

Think you def need to try and get your lung consultant and your obs talking. I have bronchiectasis and when pg with ds my obs said I absolutely had to have a cs as there was no way my lungs would stand up to labour (actually ended up with natural birth which I coped with as was so quick, but that's another story!!) I think with such a reduced lung capacity and the other probs you really have a good case for arguing for a cs. Is this your first baby? They may be reluctant because of this, but often consultants in diff areas don't 'get' the probs in others, ie your obs/midwives etc won't understand really the difficulties of your lung disease - presuming it's bronchiectasis as that so similar to CF?
Hope you can sort something. Mainly want to offer sympathy - know what you're going thru. It's so hard. Please take care, and if there's anything you need to chat about I'm around.

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