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Can you get a Sure Start Grant if on Incapacity Benefit?

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BearMama Thu 17-Jan-08 10:32:46

That's all I want to know - but getting a stright answer from ANYONE is proving impossible?
Any IB claimants who have successfully applied for Sure Start -please let me know! Thanks!

ROSEgarden Thu 17-Jan-08 10:34:16

whats the grant for?, starting up in your business? or like a hardship grant?

Peachy Thu 17-Jan-08 10:37:15

This si the amternity grant yes? I presume you are pregnant.

Its ahrd to get straight asnwers, I would sugest CAB etc. We struggled to be allowed to be sent the forms simply because DH had only just lost his job (many moons ago) and the JSA etc apperwork hadnt yet arrived.

Are you PG or do you have a new baby- just thinking, if you get WTC / CTC the letter from them will state if you may be entitled?

BearMama Thu 17-Jan-08 11:01:24

Rose - the grant is for buying baby items and
Peachy, yes it is the maternity grant. I am nearly 29 wks pg.
I know that I could wait for the CTC, just trying to get as much done as I can before the birth, plus I dont hold out much hope of CTC making a quick award, they are not known for their speed...hmm

heatherm Thu 17-Jan-08 20:34:30

no not whilst on incapacity benefit,only ctc ,income support or jsa

ROSEgarden Thu 17-Jan-08 20:35:20

i ahd lots of probs fiding this out too!..ring your lcoal tax office and ask them for the form to apply, fill it in and see what they say!..i dont see why not TBH!, people working get it! and people on SS do to so you being on INCP dont think it would matter to them?..good lucksmile

Peachy Thu 17-Jan-08 21:54:00

heather apaprently (and I have checked this) WTC disability premium (li9ned to DLA) also qualifies a family

MC100 Sun 27-Jan-08 22:47:07

i wasn't able to get sure start grant whilst on incap' back in 2006 but it might have change! it shoud change coz its not fair!

expatinscotland Sun 27-Jan-08 22:47:58

if you are on the max amount for CTC, you should be able to use that to get it.

janewith4 Fri 15-Feb-08 14:02:34

Has anyone contested being refused because they get IB rather than the other benefits listed that automatically entitles you to the grant?
Stinks of discrimination to me.

janewith4 Tue 26-Feb-08 17:29:38

No bother i found this
HTH others

"child tax credit at a rate higher than the family element--

from april 2007 this means a rate of £546 a year or more, or £1091 a year or more if you have a baby under one. these figures are for a whole year, and will be less for part-years."

1down2togo Fri 08-Aug-08 10:28:53

i got the sure start grant 2 yrs ago im on incapacity benefits BUT im also on disability living allowance care / mobility.

DLA has more sway than IB because IB is issued to anybody who is on long term sick, not necessarily disabled.

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