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Any amputees out there?

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1legmummy Tue 30-Oct-07 00:14:23

Hi I am a Mum to Charlie 8 years old and Bailey 11 months, I had my amputation (right below knee) in Sept 2004.

I am really struggling with being a Mum this time round and it would be great to bounce my frustration around with someone who knows.



controlfreaky2 Tue 30-Oct-07 00:15:48

sorry. no personal experience but bumping for you.... it's quite late now so you might want to bump this again in the morning...?

1legmummy Tue 30-Oct-07 00:24:25

thank you - only seem to be able to get the time to do this late at night - it is only then that I start feeling sorry for myself.

Never mind I will try to remember to bump myself tomorrow.


controlfreaky2 Tue 30-Oct-07 00:26:22

hope someone comes along to help / talk. goodnight from me!

vole3 Wed 31-Oct-07 02:53:12

My only experience is being the child of a dad with a below hip amputation. Considering he had that at 21 and I was child number 9 when he was 64 it certainly didn't hold him back in some respects grin

Whilst there were some things he found difficult, he found ways round most things and gave me a lot of his time and involved me in his daily routine. One of my favourite 'toys' was his large tub of swarfega when we messed about with the car - probably not what my mum wanted me to play with, but what the heck!

He also had the old type of prosthesis - the hollow metal tube with a lockable knee and holes that made it a great posting box for small things that would make it rattle and he'd have to take it apart to get them out. At the end of the day, he was our Dad and none of us children had known him before he had one real and one metal leg, so to us it was normal.

My other experience is having a friend who went for elective BKA 2 years after a car accident that left his left tib / fib in far too many pieces. At the time his ds was 7 and dd 4. It took him a good 18 months to get the socket sorted so that he could use his leg for more than 2 days at a time. He ended up going to the unit at Cambridge, but the best limb centre is at St Leonards, near Ferndown in Dorset. That's where Heather Mills and my Dad got themselves sorted.

I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in August when ds was 7 weeks old, so whilst I have all limbs, the joints don't necessarily do what I need them to when I need them to. I have only had one bath (I do shower instead) since then as I can't get out of it in a hurry and nearly had to call DH to haul me out. Getting off the floor is similarly interesting, but a bit easier. The change in the weather has made everything swell and hurt again, but with a little one I just have to get on with things, which is probably a good thing.

Sorry to have rambled a bit, but if you want to bounce some words about, I'll be checking my threads regularly.

1legmummy Sun 04-Nov-07 23:22:47

Hi Vole3 - sorry only just seen your thread - wow what a brilliant family!!

Just proves there are always others out there getting on with things!!!

needmorecoffee Tue 06-Nov-07 19:44:19

Hi 1legmummy. I have MS and am a wheelchair parent witha disabled daughter and 3 other kids. Just saying you're not alone coping with something unusual plus kids.
I hope you don't mind me asking, but can you walk or do you use a wheelchair?

lenny101 Sat 17-Nov-07 12:21:12

Have only just seen your post - am also one leg mummy! I dont wear a prosthesis - do you?

lenny101 Sat 17-Nov-07 12:22:13

mummy to Len 22mths and Sid 5mths. Hard isnt it? x

1legmummy Wed 30-Jan-08 22:58:51

Sorry lenny101 only just seen you responded!!

If you get this it would be great to compare stories

1legmummy Thu 07-Aug-08 23:56:30

Just found this again so bumping it x

1legmummy Fri 25-Sep-09 20:59:24

and again x

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