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Child with SEN (ASD) school issues :(

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Lex234 Tue 13-Mar-18 18:25:04

Hi just after a bit of advice please. DS was diagnosed with ASD aged 9. Primary school were fab and he received support intensively at first this was stepped down as he was doing so well. I specifically chose his secondary school for the SEN provision. I wrote explicitly about it on admissions have verbally discussed it with them and the SENCO at primary met with the SENCO at secondary to transition his specific needs.
So far so good. Until we got his school report. Wont go into details but behind and has begun to show behavioural issues which have never been an issue EVER in school (he became mute at primary but was good as gold-at home we tended to see behavioural traits). This has resulted in a number of detentions almost all from the same subject i wasnt even aware of.

I obviously phoned school to arrange meeting. At which point it came to light they WERE NOT AWARE HE HAS SEN!!!!

And therefore has had no support. I am due in for a meeting but am upset he has been disciplined for probably reacting to frustration at not being able to do some of the work and just being told to get on with it with no help. Other facts based subjects he is doing well in.

The last school were so good at SEN support i have never had to ask for help-what should I ask for? Am i being unreasonable to ask to be notified of detentions as this will likely affect his routine and therefore behaviour? Can i ask dispute detentions issued for work he cannot reasonably complete?

All advice welcome. Just to be clear i want to work with the school and want my son to be treated as any other child, but feel he is at a disadvantage to perform to the same level (he is literal for example, work involving finding a different interpretive meaning he would need a LOT of support to understand)

Thanks in advance

Lex234 Tue 13-Mar-18 20:44:44


Thewarriormum Sun 01-Apr-18 20:42:40

Hi, if you Google sendiass with the name of the county you live in you will find your local SEND information and advice service which every county must have. They would be worth you connecting with. My advice would be to follow up all verbal conversations with an e-mail so there is a paper trail. Anything the school agrees to implement agree a time frame for it. How the school reacts will determine how you proceed. If they don't support you consider ringing IPSEA for advice.

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