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Should I move Year 4 DD into new school

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twinshock Tue 13-Mar-18 10:27:08

Hi there, I'm really struggling to make a decision on this and I hope you lovely people might be able to help me.

My 8 year old has been diagnosed with ADHD and dyspraxia. It is the inattention type, so she is not disruptive and doesn't really have behavioural problems, but she has huge issues with concentrating and as a result is behind where she should be with schoolwork.

She is in a state school, which is overall a good school but in her year group there is some pretty shocking behaviour and the poor teacher spends most of the day managing behaviour rather than teaching. One child has started bullying my DD and she will come home in tears about once a fortnight. She doesn't seem to be learning much and talks only of being distracted and finding it hard to follow classes. I'm worried that this environment is really not good for her and that she would be better off in a smaller class and in a school that was less academically driven.

We are extremely lucky as we could afford to move her to a private school and there is a place in one nearby. She is in year 4 - would you do this? Or actually would the disruption of a move be worse for her?
I'm having sleepless nights over this so any insights or experiences would be most gratefully appreciated.

mia1972 Tue 24-Apr-18 22:04:07

Hello, I feel your pain. My son also has dyspraxia. The question here is, what is the sen provision in your school? And what is it like in the new school, you need to know this before you move. Has your school implemented what she needs, is she seeing and ot? Has the ot come to school? There are adjustments that the school can make to enable her to learn better, small breaks to help her concentration, help with her motor skills, organisation, give her a computer, learn to touch type etc. The smaller class and ideally calmer environment would help but if the private school is selective in any way you might find that she won't get much support. So you need to know. What the behaviour is you won't know until you are there, there could also be bad behaviour , private schools also have that problem. So i would change if i was sure my child would get much better support there. Another thing to consider are the friendships, as she got friends where she is ? Does she know people in the new school? There is a dyspraxia support group on Facebook you can join loads of parents with kids with dyspraxia and adhd, it's fab. I recommend joining it. Good luck with it all x

mia1972 Tue 24-Apr-18 22:05:02

Sorry just noticed it's an older post, i hope all is well :-)

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