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Struggling to cope with possible autism diagnosis

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NeverSurrender Tue 02-Jan-18 13:56:51

My preteen dd is likely going to be diagnosed with autism. She is very intelligent but struggles emotionally. Looking back it has been evident for a long time but since starting secondary it has become blindingly obvious. Speevh&language have referred her to a paediatrician.
I'm really struggling with it and feel anxious and depressed. I'm close to tears all the time. I'm strong for her but fall apart in private. I'm struggling to come to terms with it although I've had suspicions for a long time, hearing professionals (teachers, health visitor, social worker and speech therapist) say it is a possibility has devastated me.

Kingsclerelass Sun 14-Jan-18 00:57:46

There are lots of books on supporting children with Autism,so read as much as you can, maintain calm confidence and try to stop seeing it as such a bad thing, because that will hit her confidence more.
I'm Aspie but I doubt my parents had ever heard of Autism. I had a bad speech impediment caused in part by the approach my father took.
It all improved when I went to a small fantastic school, academically selective, which meant I wasn't the only one. I had teachers whose calm support and ability to see the positive, made all the difference.
I've managed a proper career, my own home, I have a wonderful son and while I'll never have a huge circle of friends, I have a small number of close friends and life is good. I don't see my autism as a handicap.

So please don't see this as a disaster. With your support it may have minimal impact. Honestly, you both will be fine. flowers

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