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Travel systems with a swivel base

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Hbos46 Thu 09-Nov-17 19:03:30

Hi 👋🏼

I’m new here and expecting our first child. I had spinal fusion surgery almost 2 years ago and also have hip dysplasia in my right hip. As a result I walk with 2 crutches and bending / stretching to put in and take out a car seat will not be easy. I’m looking for a complete travel system where the car seat is part of the buggy / pram / pushchair and also has a swivel base that the car seat goes into in the car. I’d also need the pushchair to have a handle bar as opposed to 2 handles. Excuse me if I’ve got any of the terminology wrong, I’m a complete novice on the subject. Any help and suggestions will be gratefully received as would someone telling there is no such thing and not to bother wasting my time searching for something that doesn’t exist!


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