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Worried about DS starting school

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MrsBonato Thu 02-Nov-17 23:08:14

My ds is due to start school in September. I have a very obvious disability, and one which is still seen as entertainment. My ds doesn't have a disability. He currently attends a lovely nursery, it's small and we've grown to know the children and parents and not had any issues.
The schools in our catchment area are awful. I would love him to stay where he is as there is a school attached but unfortunately it's fee paying and we aren't able to afford it.
I'm really considering home educating him because I have a deep fear he will be bullied because of me. The only other thought I've had is to employ someone to take him and pick him up from school. Is this kind of thing available? As I would be at home so they would be literally taking him from me to school and picking him up to drop him home to me? I then have the problem of sports day and parents evening.

I know this all sounds really odd but I'm just worried about him suffering because of me.

CheerfulMuddler Mon 06-Nov-17 22:45:10

I read an interesting piece of research once about children of same-sex partners. It said that they did get bullied about having same-sex parents, but they didn't as a group get bullied any more than other children. I.e., the kids did use it as something to tease them about, but if they hadn't been picked on about that, they'd probably have been picked on about wearing glasses, or having red hair, or being called something that rhymes with something rude, or whatever.
Which is to say that yes, your kid may get comments about it, but employing someone to take him in really isn't the answer.
You kid loves you. He will be very upset if you don't come to see him in the Nativity play and to parents evening, and so will you, and the last thing you want to do is to teach him that disability is something to hide or be ashamed of.
I would talk to his teacher about it, and maybe talk to him about it, so he's prepared. Maybe think about good ways for him to respond if it happens - role play things he could say to kids etc.
This sounds like something that's been a real, hard issue for you, and I'm so sorry about that. [Flowers]

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